Here are the step-by-step process on how to create your own fancy plant

Step 1: Pick A Plant

Explore and select from our curated collection of houseplants, offering a diverse range of vibrant tropical foliage and delicate succulents. Discover a botanical adventure that speaks to your unique style and personality.

Step 2: Select Your Pottery

Elevate your plant’s presentation with our exquisite pottery collection, featuring elegant designs ranging from sleek to rustic, showcasing the natural beauty of your chosen plant.

Step 3: Choose from a Variety of Accessories and Affirmations

Explore our exclusive line of plant accessories to enhance your space’s energy and ambiance. Discover “I AM” and “Intentions” plant affirmation stakes, trellises, copper flower and butterfly stakes, and whimsical plant animals. Enjoy a variety of top dressings for a magical presentation.

Step 4: Decorate Top Dressing from our Rock Bar

Experience the art of potting at our inviting bench, where knowledgeable team members guide you through the process. Enjoy the cool soil and personalize your plant’s presentation with a personalized decorative top dressing from our Rock Bar. Choose from natural elements to reflect your style and add elegance to your plant’s presentation.

Step 5: Share the Meaning Behind Your Choices

Share plant, pottery, and intention accessory stories, fostering connection and inspiration by learning from others’ perspectives and incorporating personal meanings into your creations.

Step 6: Enjoy your Work of Art

Nurture your personal art with a plant expert, providing care instructions and knowledge to ensure it thrives and evolves as a reflection of your creativity and intention.

Join us at our workshops and private parties, where our plant experts will guide you through this enchanting experience, fostering a sense of community and inspiration.