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At Earthscape Garden Room the best landscaper Palm Harbor we have some info you would like to know about Pallet garden. Pallet gardens are the new trend that is taking the gardening community by storm. Pallet gardens are the perfect decoration for your vertical empty space in your garden. These structures are so easy to make and they are customizable with just a simple coat of paint… Not to mention they are cheap, what a win!

So what can you put in your pallet garden? Really any small, low-growing plant will survive as long as you take care of it. Here at the Garden Room we use pour pallet planters to display our beautiful Bromeliads and our indoor plants like Pothos! I have seen people do these planters a few different ways. They are an AWESOME idea for those who have limited space, but want to add color and life to their space!


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Let’s take a look at a few different ways you can use your pallets: 

-Shade walls: utilizing Pothos, Bromeliads, and trailing plants to decorate your pallet.

-Herb garden: Planting herbs in your pallet so you can always have fresh herbs to cook with.

-Any way you want!: in all honesty, you can put anything that you can think of in your pallet garden. Mostly low growing plants and some trailing plants will thrive in the pallet conditions, but get creative! Let your inner gardener out and design your own unique pallet garden!

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