Our Process
A guide to help clients understand our company, our design, and implementation processes!

Step One:
An initial consultation of your project is scheduled. There is a $50 non-refundable fee for which you will receive an hour with one of our expert 3D designers. They will meet you at your property to walk your vision with you.

50% of the design fee is credited back to your project when we complete the installation.

Step 2:
Once the design fee contract has been issued, signed, and paid the designer will begin working on your project. Our Office Manager will send you an email on what to expect from your designer as we work on your project and deliver it promptly by your promised due date.

Step 3:
After the design is completed, you will come into the office where we present the design & pricing to match the design. At this time you are able to virtually walk through the entire project with us and see the space before installation has begun. The designer will make any revisions to the pricing and design that are necessary to satisfy your vision of the project.

Step Four: 
Once a design & price are perfect for you, you’ll then sign an installation agreement, we collect a deposit & begin scheduling. From here, your point person changes from your designer to our installation coordinator. The installation coordinator will guide you all the way through the installation phase.

Step Five: 
Yay! Your job is completed and you are loving your new outdoor living space. Our project manager will do a final walkthrough with you of your project to make sure everything meets your standards & ours. after that, your outdoor transformation is complete & you can now enjoy your new space!