3 Tips to Improve your Garden

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So, you have created your dream garden, now what? There are a few aspects you can tweak to make your garden really pop and look elaborate. At Earthscape Garden Room the best in yard remodel Palm Harbor we have some info you would like to know. Below you can find 3 tips that I have found that can really take your garden to the next level.


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Garden Lighting: Your garden may look amazing during the daytime, but what about at night? Many people can go the route of having professional lighting installed, but let’s say that you are the type of person to DIY there are many options for you. For example, here at The Garden Room we have beautiful colored lanterns. These are solar powered lights that look gorgeous in the daytime and provide a calming ambiance with soft lighting at night.


Pathways: Viewing your garden from multiple angles is not only calming, but rewarding. By creating a pathway through your garden you are able to view you masterpiece from different perspectives and be even more proud of your work. First, you need to decide how you would like your pathway to look and where you would want it to go. Then, you need to clear a space to add stepping stones. In this project pictured, we used smaller pebbles as well as Flagstone stepping stones to create a gorgeous meandering path to be able to walk through your creation!


Focal Points: When you look at a garden, often there are so many components you don’t know where to look first. By adding a focal point, you provide somewhere to look to give that “wow” first impression. Focal points can be many things from statues, water features, or a difference in textures and heights. I am going to use the example of using a water feature as a focal point. This garden has a pathway of Mexican Beach Pebble that draws your eye to the water feature. It really adds the extra element to focus on and make your garden that much more interesting.


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