Feature of the Month- August 2019

Earthscapes Garden Room

Hello everybody! This Job of the month is pretty major. This customer wanted a total backyard renovation. So naturally Mike designed a totally awesome design that completely changed everything in their backyard, minus the pool. Let’s dive in…

So, first things first: the design. The design process they chose was a 3D design which is the most time consuming for our designers, but the outcome is totally worth it. You are able to walk through your backyard virtually and see exactly how your design is going to look before it is installed.


Here is a screenshot of the virtual plan. The customer is able to easily see what their project will look like completed!


After the customer is happy with the design, our next step is tear out. Since the entire backyard is getting redone, this tear out was major. Our guys worked as quickly as possible with the afternoon Florida rain storms and this was the result:

A completely naked yard, ready for new pavers!

With the backyard now being a blank canvas, we were ready for the next step: hardscape. We had to start on their brand new pool deck as well as their outdoor kitchen, and their raised seating area. Let the paving begin!



They chose a gorgeous tan color, and their raised seating area is starting to come along! Pretty incredible right?




Next step is installing their outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens take your backyard to the next level. They are perfect for entertaining guests, and you can cook outside which means no smells in your home!


How stunning is this? They get to cook with a breathtaking view!


They have their fridge, grill, and even a Green Egg off to the side…



Here is the view from the front. The texture and colors of the kitchen go very well with the colors of the pavers that the customer chose.




With the pavers and outdoor kitchen installed, our next task was installing a Bocce Ball Court for them. These customers love to play so we added in the perfect set up for them to entertain their guests in their back yard.


Their Bocce Ball Court is right behind their outdoor kitchen, and they can watch the game while they cook, or even relax by their fire pit!



Speaking of fire pit lets take a look at the breath taking fire bowl and seating area in their new backyard paradise!


This is an awesome area to entertain guests and you can even see the Bocce ball court from where you sit by the cozy fire.



How cozy does this look? Can you just imagine in the chilly months roasting marshmallows with friends and family!









                Thanks for reading! Let us know what you think of this total back yard make over! Would you love to have this as your own back yard oasis?