Job of the Month- October 2019

Earthscapes Garden Room

For the month of October, we have an entire front yard transformation. This client wanted a paver driveway, and some curb appeal, along with two water features and a seating area! Let’s take a closer look.

As you know by now, the first step is to sit down with the client and map out exactly what they are going to want. this process is generally what takes the longest considering the designer will have to make changes to the plan as the client wants them. In this case, the client wanted a 3D plan. The 3D plan is the best way to do a landscape plan because you can see exactly how it will look with your house, and the designer can show you what the landscape is going to look like as the plants mature. Click this link if you’d like to see the video plan of her yard.

To begin, we had to put the pavers in first, she chose a red brick color.

This paver color is a nice contrast to her house color.                                             




For her landscape, she chose plants that are fairly easy to maintain. Blue My Mind flowers, the blue ones, are typically drought tolerant and very hard to kill.


  The Gold mound behind the Blue My Mind will eventually grow into shrubs, creating a beautiful layered effect.

Her seating area was designed with water features to block out any unwanted noise from neighbors or the street.

Here’s a look at her area:






And here’s her view:

Her water features were custom built to her liking without any ponds. They are beautiful and make amazing white noise!


Rock Bubbler above and a pondless waterfall below!

Thanks for reading, we’ll see you next month!