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Looking for a plant that can almost take care of itself? Succulents may be for you. At Earthscape Garden Room the best landscaper Palm Harbor we have some info you would like to know. This plant is a great choice for first time gardeners and veterans alike. We see them now trending in magazines, blogs, and Pinterest with their wide array of colors and textures blending beautifully as a sleek design accessory.

Succulents are perfect for landscapes and containers alike. The forgetful gardeners dream—they are easy to grow, thrive in full sun, and need minimal if any watering. From the well known varieties such as Aloe Vera to the more obscure varieties like the Sedum Spathulifolium, succulents can be mixed and matched for an eclectic arrangement or just pick a favorite for a simple indoor container or rustic centerpiece.

The bold structural form adds pizazz to any garden or home. Studies show that plants in and around your home are good for you and help you concentrate while improving your mood. If a succulent can do all that while practically taking care of itself, it seems to be the perfect choice for anyone.


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A few tips on caring for succulents:

  • They prefer to live outside but can thrive in your home as well.
  • If planting in containers, add a little gravel for drainage. A drain hole is necessary.
  • When a these plants finds a home, they don’t care to move. Move them in stages to help them adjust to the new environment.
  • When your succulents are established they will provide shoots and baby plants that can be transferred to a new container or in the garden.

The strong striking look and hassle-free maintenance of succulents make them an attractive choice for any home. For those who don’t have a green thumb but still want some greenery indoors or out—these may be the perfect solution for you.

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